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Reflections of VapeCan 2013

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Reflections of VapeCan 2013

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I've been to a lot of big vape meets and each one of them have had their own unique feel and character... but in all honesty I feel compelled to say that the one I just attended in Toronto has got to be one of the most enjoyable ones I have attended to date.

So... what made it so enjoyable?  The Size of the event was just perfect. Not too few people... not too many.  Not too few vendors... not too many.

And from my point of view, there was positively... absolutely... NO DRAMA.

I didn't get tugged aside to be told about some awful thing that so and so was doing.  I didn't have to listen to any stories about how somebodies feelings were hurt by something somebody said that they probably didn't mean in the first place. The Hotel KNEW they were having a vaping event and they played along. The promoters did a GEAT job . (Jay and Frenchy are the two I'm aware of, and if there were more, I apologize for not mentioning them) On the other hand, the weekend was filled with the usual feel-good moments with folks ceremoniously stomping on packs of cigarettes to celebrate their transition into vapedom, and there was certainly no shortage of that happening.

When I go to a big meet, I like to shop the other vendors looking for PVs to add to my collection and I've been known to over-indulge from time to time in the activity. I managed to score a few little trinkets to bolster my already obsessively large addiction. One of the things I look for at these things is something new... refreshing and novel... exciting.

I was setup at the MAWNCO table, displaying an assortment of Z2 PVs in some prototype finishes that were available for sale. I was fortunate enough to be sitting right next to one of my inspirations in the Modding community,  JR Custom Turnings. I have wanted to own one of his products for quite some time and I left the show with a gorgeous new Zebrawood and Brass Tube Mod that is now a permanent addition to the collection. The craftsmanship is without peer!

As I walked through the vendor tables I happened upon a fellow that was selling really unique drip tips. Stache, if you're reading this, I'm talking about you! It is ALWAYS refreshing to see something new and novel, and these drip tips that he makes are like no other. The craftsmanship is absolutely flawless. At a glance I knew I was looking at something VERY special. THEN I noticed three short pipe stems that were surreptitiously hiding in plain sight... and they are without any shadow of a doubt the nicest design I have ever seen for an e-Pipe stem. Three were on the table... and three left the event in my satchel. Later in the event, the maker of these amazing tips stopped by my table to give me a fourth tip, in a different design... a gift. It is now perched atop the crown jewel of my ePipe collection, the freehand pipe made by Matt Wellman. And it is a perfect addition to an already stunning masterpiece of cloud producing art.

Anybody that knows me, knows that when it comes to e-liquid, I am one picky sumunabeotch! I don't expect to even TASTE juice at a show like this, but the folks over at La Vape Shop in Quebec introduced me to a juice they created in conjunction with their friends over at Vaporus. Carrying the moniker "Philosophers Stone", this juice takes the vaper down a journey into complex flavors and olfactory colors that has to be tasted to be understood, and even THEN it remains mysterious. MOVE OVER Bobbas Bounty and Tribecca... there's a new sheriff in flavor-town and it speaks with a french accent!

And if finding ONE new flavor isn't enough, imagine my surprise when I actually found a second flavor worth mentioning! New Life eCigs had an impressive array of juice on hand... but when I heard the owner make the INCREDIBLY BOLD statement "Our ROOT BEER juice is the best you will EVER taste" my ears perked and I told Erin (the LOVELY woman working at that table with the owner) that such a comment could not go unchallenged. You see, I MYSELF, have been on a quest for a root beer juice that can pass muster... and none has existed to date. Moments later I was inhaling the vapor equivalent of a candy store root beer barrel into my lungs and it immediately took me to that comfortable nook at my grandmothers home where she kept the candy bowl filled with little treats for us kids. This flavor is MORE than close... it is dead-on. I couldn't help it... I bought 6 bottles.

I live 15 minutes from Phil Busardo... I only see him at vape meets in other cities... it's sad how busy our lives have become. I enjoy hanging around with the guy... sigh.

As far as I'm concerned, the event was a HUGE success. From a vendors perspective, I couldn't ask for more. They even had folks making sure the vendors were able to get food so they could stay at the booth without passing out... they brought water around for the vendors... very thoughtful and REALLY appreciated. It's the little touches that make the difference.

I had a blast, and I'll be back next year....


Video By Phil Busardo: CLICK HERE