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Pure Magic... no foolin'

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Pure Magic... no foolin'

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It's no secret that I've been playing around with alternate wicking materials for Genny style rebuildables, and a lot of my close friends have seen me vaping various forms of ceramic wicks in the last year. Among the best of them is the FZ2000Z Hard Ceramic wicks which we now include with all of our atomizers. This material produces great vapor and amazing flavor... but it is tricky to setup and if you don't know the tricks to breaking it in, it can take a while to get it pumping out vapor. It's also VERY Fragile, which can be a real issue for some people.

FC2000Z Ceramic Wick in shipping tube

I've ALSO been vaping Nextel XC116 quite a bit... and while it wicks amazingly well and produces exceptional vapor, the material requires extensive prep-work that needs to be done correctly, and if you fail to do it correctly it can have some rather negative side effects. The trouble here, is that to prepare the material correctly will require you to own a Kiln because it needs to be heat treated for HOURS (not minutes) in order to be considered safe for handling. That's not a small problem... in fact, that's a BIG problem. It is SUCH a big problem that I do not actually recommend traditional XC116 for use as a wick if you plan on preparing it yourself. It's actually an exceptionally bad idea.

But what if you COULD get the material, properly prepared and ready to use? Would XC116 be something I would recommend? With a couple of disclaimers in place, I WOULD without hesitation suggest that you give it a try.

OK then, what are the disclaimers? 

First and foremost, You need to be SURE that the supplier of the material is ACTUALLY preparing the material properly. You can't fix it if it's done incorrectly, and you have no way of knowing it was done correctly. 

Second, you need to realize that there are several suppliers of this material that have shipped unprepared wick and unless you have used properly prepared material you may not be able to tell the difference, so go back to disclaimer numero-uno...

So now what? Well, Recently I encountered a supplier of XC116 and I quizzed him hard about his method of preparation... and low and behold, he is preparing the material correctly... SO correctly, that he has developed a proprietary method of preparation that actually improves on the wicking performance of the material. He sent me a sample to play with, I've shared the sample with several of my local friends that vape and I've been using it myself... and this stuff is Pure Effing magic.

It is SO good, that I contacted him and said "I HAVE GOT TO GET PEOPLE TO USE THIS IN MY ATTYS AND PV's ... Stainless is GREAT.... FZ2000Z is ALSO great... But heck yeah... YOUR version of XC116 is AMAZING!"  I continued "Ummm, how are you gonna make it so people don't confuse YOUR XC116 with EVERYBODY ELSE'S inferior version of it?" 

Well now that IS a dilemma, ISN'T IT? If it's all called XC116, how can you tell? Jeremy, the owner of and I brainstormed a bit, and we figured out that HIS version isn't the SAME as everybody elses... it deserves a name of it's own... READYxWICKis now the name of the product and you will be able to know you have the real thing because the package will have a holographic label which certifies that you have the real deal.

Holographic Label... No label? You're not vaping the real thing!

Anyway, here's the pitch... I want you guys to try this stuff... it's terrific... so when I was talking to Jeremy, I asked him if he would consider hooking me up with some samples to include with my atomizers and Zenesis PVs and he graciously agreed. So starting mid January EVERY Zenesis PV and Z-Atty will ship with enough of this material to check it out for yourself... and this is all on his dime, by the way. He's confident in his product and so am I!

If you already have one of my PVs (Or any OTHER rebuildable atty, for that matter) I highly recommend that you give it a try. I don't believe you will be disappointed with it at all. If you like it, I strongly urge that you let your local brick and mortars about it as well, and have them carry it in their stores. Remember, don't ask them to carry XC116... Ask for it BY NAME:  READYxWICK

To order one of the best wicking materials I have ever vaped... click here